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Julia Ross

Julia Ross, Management Consultant

 “I have hired Rob twice to help me in developing materials for my business. The transformation of my materials from what I had to what he helped create was remarkable. I couldn’t have been happier with the result. He did an excellent job at understanding the look and feel I was going for. Rob is very easy to work with. We did a lot of work via email and he was always very responsive to my requests. He also went above and beyond the call of duty by giving me some tutorials on how to best work with graphics and creating style sheets. I highly recommend Rob and hope to work with him again. Julia Ross” December 7, 2008

Dana Karlsson

Dana Karlsson, Manager, the Cedar Tree Foundation

“I had the opportunity to work with Rob during the construction of materials for our annual Board Meeting. I was continually impressed with his professionalism, flexibility and keen, creative eye. He worked closely with our staff in order to create the polished and streamlined document we were hopping for. There is no doubt that we will use him for all future projects.” October 22, 2008

A brief about

I have experience in technical writing and editing as well as product development and am able to think critically about schematic design, design development, and problem solving techniques. I understand team dynamics, which is so important in any setting. I can create an atmosphere where leading, listening and collaborating become integral to the experience. In today’s marketplace few projects are done in a “locked room”. Design professionals need to learn how to collaborate and work together in real world teams. I am an excellent self-starter and can develop projects reflecting the real world.